Too much Halloween Candy?!?!


Halloween was two days ago, and I’m actually starting to look forward to Thanksgiving in a few weeks, and yes, even started a little (relax, I said *a little*) Christmas shopping. Yet somehow, there still seems to be a hint of Halloween in the air…or should I say, on my kitchen counter. Yes, it’s those huge Halloween bags full of candy.

The way I see it, there are about 5 options we have as parents if we’ve let our kids participate in the Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating.

1. Let them eat it…whatever, whenever…eat as much as they want. After all, they worked hard for that candy, right?

2. Let them eat all or most of it, with limits of how much and when.

3. Same as #2, along with secretly eating and stealing some for your own private stash…ok, and maybe throwing a little in the trash.

4. Donate it. There are local food shelves, local organizations, and dentist offices you can donate it to. Operation Gratitude is a national organization that collects candy donations for our troops.

5. Trade it for something. Instead of letting your children eat the candy, they can trade it for a gift or gift card, or something else agreed upon. There are also a couple of new (or new to me) characters that can help parents out with this. The “Switch Witch” will cast a spell on your candy and switch it for a special surprise. The “Sugar Goblin” is another option, created by a local family. The “Sugar Goblin” also leaves your child with a thank you gift in exchange for the candy, but also has a likeness to “The Elf on The Shelf,” since the Goblin likes to play funny tricks and pranks leading up to Halloween.

There’s not one perfect answer for everyone, but hopefully you’ll find an option, or a combination of options, that works for your family!

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